New Company Registration in Karnataka

Karnataka the eighth largest state in the country has become powerhouse for IT companies. Bangalore, Karnataka is called the IT capital which invites national and international companies to set up business in the state. Not only in IT line but other sectors like engineering, biotechnology, apparel, aerospace, telecom, pharmaceuticals, cement, steel, mining, food processing, automobiles and electronics are also popular and have attracted some of the top companies in Karnataka.Handicrafts like sandalwood carvings, inlay work on rosewood, stone studded jewellery are some other business attractions in Karnataka. Besides educated and skilled manpower, the state has friendly investment policies, thereby making Karnataka ideal place for new business formation incorporation.

Company Incorporation/Formation Services Karnataka

Karnataka sometimes called the technological capital of the country has opportunities both for small and big business houses. If you want to start a private limited company or LLP or Public Ltd. or OPC. Company you have equally good opportunities for all. Computerized Government offices have made Private (Pvt.) limited (Ltd.) company registration process much easier. To further save your time, money and resources you can approach us for registration of your company. From our experience and expertise we easily complete the registration formalities for your company.

We not only help in process of registration of name of your company, but also we can do trademark registration work together with your LLP registration or registration of any other type of firm. The proactive government of Karnataka has simplified investment procedures so as to enable establishment of Public limited companies also convenient. For us Public Limited (Ltd.) Company registration is left hand job. Hope you start up your business soon in the fastest growing market of India.

New Company Registration in India