Company Registration India

Company is a form of group of people who initiate to carry same form of business while offering services and products in the corporate world in order to profit in return. There are several forms of companies like limited liability company, partnership company, private company, public company, One Person Company and many more. All these forms of corporate segments comprised of different rules and procedures for company registration in India. Here in India, the New Companies Act, 2013 is the major act to regulate and control the applications of company registration being held in country that further managed and administrated by ministry of corporate affairs in India. Registration of company brings your business enlisted under the database of Registrar Of Companies being held at the different states of India. This registrar of company ROC has played a vital role in getting registration of varied companies being located at different regions of the country. For registration of the company first one need to file an application to the Registrar of Company for getting approval of company's name. After getting approval of company's name; then need to file an application for registration where all the legal documentaries like memorandum of association and article of association need to submit with the same concern authority.

Private and Public Limited Company Registration / Formation / Incorporation in India

For private and public limited company incorporation in India needs different rules and procedures to adhere with. For private limited company registration in India one need to have minimum paid-up capital of worth 1,00,000 where as for public limited registration in india one need to have minimum paid-up capital of Rs. 5,00,000. Minimum numbers of members for private limited company formation in India needs at-least 2 and public limited company formation in India needs at-least 7. Besides these there are many more rules and regulations are there in respect of no. of directors, share warrants and many more. All these prerequisites of New Companies Act, 2013 every company needs to comply with before applying for registration. Thus, log in to where the expertise team of legal attorneys and solicitors will make you with every need of private, public limited company registration in India.

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