Company Registration Process

Every country holds their corporate sector distinctly that owned and regulated by the concern authority. Corporate sector that drives the economy to the phrase of development needs specific rules and regulations to be act as per the guidelines. Thus, these corporate authorities of different countries established their own rules and acts in order to operate their corporate sector. Similarly, every company also needs to follow its legal services at the corporate level. Before starting of any new business or company, it is better to have its registration. Company registration brings the approval to its business mark, authenticity of services, bring consent among the members and many more legal advantages are there while complying with company registration process.

Company Registration Process in India

Well in India, New Companies Act, 2013, has established, reform and amended all types of company related laws and acts. New Companies Act, 2013 India, holds down the several steps and procedures for company registration process in India. Below are the some specific points that concern under the company registration process in India.

  • First step is to select unique and approvable company name.
  • Get certification from ROC registrar of companies.
  • Here we also need to submit the memorandum of association and articles of association to the same authority of ROC.
  • After getting name approval letter from ROC, step forward to file an application for company registration.
  • While filing company registration application, one needs to give brief description about company's members, about capital, declaration of compliance, PAN card copy and many more.
  • Well, along with all these above points Form INC-7, DIR-12 AND INC-22 is also used to get filed as per the agreement and consent among the company's partners / members.

In this whole process of company registration in India, there are various complicacies where the company to be passed through while getting registration. Well, it is always recommended and suggested to get hire legal entity in order to deal with corporate legal services. Here at indiacompanyregistration, we bring you with detail services in company registration process in india being offered by expertise team of corporate lawyers with well versed knowledge and vast experience hold their client with complete satisfaction. Thus, click to us at in case of further inquiry.

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