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Requirements for Company Registration

Dear Client Following detailed requirements and information’s are given here, you should follow all details for company registration:

Requirements :
  1. Your Authorized and paid up capital should be minimum of Rs. 1, 00,000
  2. There should be minimum two Directors.
  3. There should be at least two members (subscribers/ shareholders).

Information Required:
  1. Certified Address of the planned Company
  2. Authorized Capital and paid up capital of the planned Company.
  3. Name & Share holding prototype of the Subscribers of the proposed Additional Company.
  4. Name of the applicant, who want to apply for the company name approval and incorporation.
  5. At least three proposed names of the company in preferential order that should reflect their meaning.
  6. Authorized Address of the registered office of the company (no address proof is required)
  7. Name of the further Indian company in which proposed directors are previously director/ Promoter. (If any)

Documents Required :
  1. Photo Copy of PAN Card (Self attested)
  2. 2 Passport Size Color Photographs
  3. Photo Copy of Driving License or Passport or Voter ID (Self attested)

Procedure :
  • Step I
    The initial step headed for company formation is to acquire Director Identification Number & Digital Signature Certificate (DIN) of the proposed directors and for that we need the following documents from your side:
    • Proof of Identity: Copies of PAN Card/Passport/Driving License
      (Please note that the proof of identity discloses the Father’s name, Date of birth and Place of Birth)
    • Proof of Address: copies of Passport/Driving License/Bank Statement
    • Photographs: copies of latest color photographs of each proposed Director

Note: In case of any person, who is a foreigner, copy of passport must be handed over in addition to above requirements and also the copy of all following documents must be notarized and consularized in their country.

For the Company Incorporation we are necessary to apply to the Registrar of the companies of the state in which the company is going to be registered. The following steps are followed:

  • Step II

    Obtaining Name of the Proposed Company: Name of the proposed company is to be accepted by the Registrar of Companies, for which we need minimum three names in array of the preference from you and such names should reveal the purpose behind the formation of the proposed company. An application required to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) of the particular state in which the Registered Office of the proposed Company is to be positioned for the above declared purposes.
    Follow detailed requirements:
    • Ensured Name of the Proposed company (At least three Name)
    • Complete Address of the Proposed Company (including of Police station Name & Address)
    • Approved Capital and Paid up Capital (Minimum One Lakh)
    • Main Object of Propose Company.
  • Step III

    Drafting & Filing of the various documents & e-forms: After Approved Form INC-1 (Proposed Company Name), and following e-forms & Documents should be filed with the office of Registrar of companies viz
    • INC-7
    • DIR-12
    • INC-22
    • Memorandum
  • Step IV:

    Obtaining TAN and PAN Registration: We provide you services to obtain the PAN (permanent account number) and TAN (tax allocation number).

    Charges: Our total charges including Professional, Statutory and out of pocket expenses would be Rs. 18,000 Only (and if registered office situated in Punjab then charges are Rs. 26,000 Only ) as well as the following extent of work:
    • Directors Identification Number
    • Incorporation of company
    • Drafting of various incorporation documents
    • PAN & TAN Card
    • Memorandum and articles of association
    • Extra charges for DSC.

Time Duration :

Company Formation : 15 working Days
TAN (Tax allocation number) : 7 working days after company incorporation
PAN (permanent account number) : 7 working days after company incorporation

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